What's New

Tuesday October 5, 2021
Monthly Invoices New report added for sending monthly invoices to customers on a chosen day of month
  • From Customer Dtl popup, set the Monthly Invoice Day to the day you want to be notified to issue an invoice
  • Each month on the day chosen, you will be alerted on the home page if invoices need to be sent out
Thursday December 20, 2018
Purchase Order Numbers on Invoices Purchase order numbers can now be applied invoices. If a customer has a PO number on their record, that will be applied to their invoices when they are created. You can choose to print PO numbers on your invoices by selecting the "Print Purchase Order Numbers on Invoices" option in your company settings.
Monday November 5, 2018
Customer Statements By Month Added the ability to run a customer statement by month to the Customer Statement report.
Wednesday October 31, 2018
Admin Dashboard Added a new dashboard page, specially for Admin users. Easily view various metrics about your business through attractive charts
Thursday September 6, 2018
Charges and Promotions Added ability to have start and end dates, choose when it will show up on invoices, and printing to invoices and quick tickets
Punch Clock Restrictions Restrict your employees to only use the punch clock from your location's network
Wednesday July 11, 2018
Barcoded Items Added ability to track specific items with a barcode - scan to automatically add to an invoice
Scanning Invoice Barcodes Added ability to scan barcode on a receipt - scan to immediately go to invoice details
Store Affiliates If you're a store with multiple depots, you can now easily change between locations
Friday September 22, 2017
Cleaned Notifications Added cleaned notification capability -either email or text - described in How To